Top Ten Reasons To Hire a Private  Tour Guide

  1. Maximize your visit on a long layover.
  2. Learn more about a location than you would on your own.
  3. Have the flexibility to customize the tour and add extra activities.
  4. Save time, because a guide knows how to get around the location.
  5. Get recommendations on the best places to eat.
  6. Avoid being stuck in a tour bus, waiting for that lost tourist.
  7. Make your own itinerary
  8. Get answers to your questions directly from the guide.
  9. Your guide gets to know your personality and suggest places you may want to see.
  10. No checking maps or GPS every ten minutes.

That’s my top ten reasons, you can probably think of a few of your own. Want to learn more about Pacific Northwest Guided Tours? Join our newsletter below:

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